Zen Proverb

Effectual Wellness

:a state wherein holistic prosperity is achieved

through sustainable self-care habits and a winning mindset 


The Coaching Room

Love Yourself

I am a busy woman.

It's time to pause, and find time to take care of my body, mind, heart and spirit, and create new healthy habits.


Stones of Meaning

I am Filipina OFW.

It's time to learn how to manage my finances, and work on a long-term plan for myself and my loved ones.



You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Unleash the best version of who you are.

Your mind is your greatest ally to succeed. Discover the power of mindfulness.

Wellness is holistic. Practice the 22 wellness nuggets to live your life to its fullest.


Effectual Wellness Solutions


Health Solutions

Elevate your self-awareness.

Learn practical self-care.

Accept and love your body.

Know the importance of R&R.

Heal yourself.

Build self-efficacy.


Life Solutions

Practice mindfulness.
Improve emotional intelligence.
Manage stressors effectively
Create goal clarity.
Harness positivity.
Achieve life balance.


Work Solutions

Discover corporate wellness.
Build team wellness.
Redefine leadership excellence.
Explore wellness Intervention.
Create a winning culture.
Develop a healthy organization construct.