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Are you a COACH or a CREATOR who's ready to unleash your potential, live your purpose, and create an impact on the lives of the people you wish to serve?

Coach Joana

3 Easy Strategic Steps

1       DEEPEN YOUR WHY! Let's reimagine your brand by revisiting the Who and What of your services.

2      WORK AGILE! Let's jumpstart your brand by creating a roadmap to success. Learn applied innovation methodologies and the value of 'community love'.  


3      SPRINT FAST! Let's create brand awareness. We will prototype and launch a live or recorded video podcast, spotlighting the authentic YOU — connecting with the people you love to serve by sharing powerful stories.


• Live or recorded video podcast
• Prototype and test of brand essence
• Prototype and test of verbal identity
• 60-90 minutes worth of content
• Vodcast skills practice

Invest Smart

STOP investing your time, energy, and resources in things that don't matter!

Invest in what matters most.

Invest in your BUSINESS GENIUS!

Sign up and we'll get back to you with more information about Invest Smart Hybrid XP for Coaches & Creators.

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