Joana Regina L. Alberto


Corporate Wellness Consultant

I am a corporate wellness consultant partnering with founders and key movers of organizations — igniting human capital. I am also an artist and author, whose mission is simple but clear: to guide people from wellness to holistic prosperity.

The value that I bring to my collaborators comes from more than 20 years of frontline experience in managing performance and training leaders in multi-cultural environments. It was then that I witnessed the impact of stress on one’s productivity and overall well-being. This became my inspiration to empower individuals to foster life balance, improve self-awareness, and make better choices toward maximizing performance.

In addition to my Personal and Corporate Wellness Coach Certifications, I also completed the YTT 200+ (Yoga Teacher Training) Certification Course in Yogadarshanam School, India. The ancient philosophies from that life-changing experience and my deeply rooted interest in Ignatian spirituality have been tightly integrated into my programs. I believe that wholeness entails possessing a healthy balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit; while encompassing a person’s active process of discovering and applying the full force of both our gifts and pains, to relentlessly better the circle of humanity entrusted to us, and allowing us to align and advance our shared mission with our teams and organizations and with society at large.

With wellness intervention as my baseline modality, enhanced with Mindfulness practices, Neuro-lingusitic Programming, Basic Clinical Hypnotherapy, and other systems of natural healing, my Wholeness programs prove to drive long-term impact, unleashing each of us to navigate around life's challenges, to keep finding our ways forward—be it towards performance, leadership and transformation, or wellness.


My Book #Metamorphosis

Are you ready to create a Wow transformation?

Imagine if you are capable of reconfiguring your body back to how it was when you felt like a madame butterfly in your tight jeans, prancing on four-inch stilettos, with a 22-inch waistline. Inconceivable? I bet that is something any woman would want.

While most people think that a flight attendant’s lifestyle is of pure globe- trotting and shopping sprees, Joana transforms her unique flying experiences into metaphors to share how she was able to reinvent herself in her 40's. Her insights on how she quenched her thirst for wellness and how she slowly climbed to a happy and healthy altitude are no less than inspiring. This book will unravel self-help techniques and creative tools on how to start your own metamorphosis, grow your own wings, and fly.


The Ultimate Makeover Manual for 40-Year-Olds and Beyond


Grow Wings

"You learn to fly by falling."


Aim High

"The greatest gift that you can give yourself is to believe that you can soar."


Sky is the Limit

"There are no stop signs in the clouds."

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