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Corporate Wellness + Team Wellness + Leadership Excellence + Wellness Intervention + Culture Building + Organizational Development

Leading companies all over the world are making robust investments in corporate wellness. Performance metrics which relate to employee productivity, absenteeism, and motivation are now being more closely tied to return on investment (ROI) through more intricate appraisal methods. Through the years, workplace wellness programs have evolved from offering gym memberships and providing healthy food options for employees, to holding workshops that deal with various workplace issues such as managing stress and maintaining healthy work relationships. In keeping up with continuously evolving workplace trends, I offer a unique, wellness-based platform which focuses on utilizing personal experience and leadership insights to drive organizational performance.

In a Utopian setting, all employees would have a business owner's mindset, and perfectly aligned values with the company's vision and brand promise. In reality, however, attaining this ideal organizational environment is deemed as overly quixotic for most, if not all companies.

Our effectual wellness programs address this almost-impossibility by striking at the hearts of employees through innovative approaches. Mindset realignment and the creation of healthy emotional connections, within and among teams, are but a few examples through which genuine commitments geared towards achieving the organization's strategic goals can be forged.


Team & Leaders Wellness

Have you heard of unTeambuilding?

We create programs that are as fun as team building activities, but are directed towards holistic wellness. Our Team and Leaders Workshops are held in non-traditional professional learning environments and comprise of numerous, highly interactive activities facilitated among the participants. The underlying principle for this schema is that team learning is best stimulated through the exchange of first-hand experiences, friendly discussions, and collaborative brainstorming.